In 2009 I was delighted to be involved in a project by Jaki Irvine for Temple Bar Gallery, Dublin. SEVEN FOLDS IN TIME is a multi-screen installation in which footage of baroque violinist Marja Gaynor and myself was edited into a multi-layered polyphonic piece.

The work will be shown at the
Frith Street Gallery, London from 12 March - 30 April 2010

In Seven Folds In Time, the artist foregrounds the relationship between music and image, which has long been a significant aspect of her practice. Working with the musicians Marja Gaynor and Joe O'Farrell, Irvine has developed a work in which the editing process itself comes to the fore as an organising principal. Moving between overt musicality and the edges where a sound begins or ends, the artist focuses on the rigours and pleasures of playing an instrument, bringing together the private space of practice with the possibilities of performance it anticipates.

(from Temple Bar Gallery introduction to the work)

page4_2 Screenshot of DVD version of Seven Folds In Time ©2009 Jaki Irvine